Bork Bork Bork


The end of ‘God’s Jukebox’ is a sad occasion because it represents something that is important to all music lovers. A mainstream radio DJ, with let’s face it great taste, who runs his life around the search for unusual and wonderful records, without any regard for genre or age, then compiles them in an inspirational and brilliantly presented radio show. A glance at the BBC 6Music manifesto might fool you into believing that we’re over supplied with radio shows of this ilk but we’re not; if anything they’re a dying breed. All we can hope for is that Mark Lamarr doesn’t abandon his music broadcasting career and that he finds a more appreciative home for his talents and ideals very soon. If he doesn’t then something special will have been lost.

- The Essex Boy Review; Albums Of The Year 2010
~ On the end of Mark Lamarr’s Radio 2 show, ‘God’s Jukebox’ in December 2010